Accused Similar Pistol Shape Cakes, Boy Suspended

A boy aged seven years, or equivalent grade 2 SD, was suspended from school on Thursday last, after eating breakfast pastry that resembles the shape of a gun charged.

Josh Welch, boy class 2 SD Park Elementary School in Baltimore confesses that he only made his snack strawberry resembles the shape of a mountain.

However, the teacher has a different look at what Josh. "He was very angry," said Josh. This kid knew immediately that he was in big trouble. Since it is considered dangerous, Josh was suspended for school for two days.

Josh's father was called by the school, and was told that her son had been given a two-day suspension. Previously, the school sent a letter home to every student in the school to inform parents that: "There is a student doing something inappropriate to the food at school."

Josh, who is known students like art classes, admitted on Fox 45 that there was nothing wrong with his actions. "The shape is rectangular, and I kept biting and biting the cake. Shaped exactly like a gun, but it is not," said Josh tells.

"I just tried to turn it into a mountain shape, but it does not look like a mountain., But also not look like a gun," he said.

Josh Welch, second grade elementary school students who love art class.

Father Josh assess the actions the school to provide suspensions to Josh is ridiculous. "I almost say it's crazy. I mean, compared to all the issues in a more real school, bullying, or whatever, it's just a matter of the shape of cake. Could you imagine?" she said, curtly.

The school declined to comment for privacy reasons. The father said his son accused school says "Bang! Bang!" while holding the cake.

But, Josh denies all the charges. He never felt making a gun with his breakfast cake

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