Contoh Soal Tes TOEFL Part 1

Vocabulary for Non English Speakers - English Noun Adjective Verb

1. n. failure; fiasco; sputtering which gradually fades into silence

(a) proposition
(b) fizzle
(c) swift
(d) posture

2. adj. fruitful; productive; abundant; plentiful; multiplying; producing fruit

(a) responsive
(b) usual
(c) sanitary
(d) prolific

3. n. place where one is going; the purpose for which something is destined

(a) minority
(b) attorney
(c) destination
(d) handbook

4. n. synopsis; general survey; introduction

(a) image
(b) gross
(c) overview
(d) control

5. v. to understand; to contain; to grasp; to absorb; to perceive

(a) unify
(b) might
(c) edge
(d) comprehend

6. v. to fit; to match; to satisfy; to please; to clothe

(a) suit
(b) come across
(c) prohibit
(d) poll

7. v. to guard; to keep safe; to keep; to defend; to protect

(a) default
(b) preserve
(c) manufacture
(d) leverage

8. adj. essential; regularly used; primary; principal; main (of goods or products)

(a) effective
(b) stationary
(c) perishable
(d) staple

9. v. to put out for others to see; to show; to exhibit; to reveal

(a) display
(b) age
(c) conceptualize
(d) accomplish

10. v. to sow; to place seeds or vegetation into soil; to establish; to set

(a) concrete
(b) inspect
(c) plant
(d) proceed

Kunci Jawabannya :
  1. B
  2. D
  3. C
  4. C
  5. D
  6. A
  7. B
  8. D
  9. A
  10. C

Nahh bingung kan? :D saya juga :D

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